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Regarding Dubs w/ Dil and AniTAY Articles

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I have been receiving quite a few emails and tweets asking about the status of my Dubs w/ Dil articles. The last time I wrote for the series, I had, quite honestly, the best thing that could happen to me writing such an article happen. Stephanie Sheh, the voice director and star of Your Name. promoted my article and shared it with the entire cast of the dubbed film (all of whom promoted it on their own respective social media pages). I admit for the first month or so after such a hit, I had a hard time shaking off the writing hangover of such a surprise. You can spend a long time staring down a write-up of anything else, and in the end it feels discouraging in comparison to what just occurred.


This all came off the coattails of a big issue I was faced with writing these articles- the time invested vs the results just didn’t feel all that worth it. I say “worth it” just in the sense of my reads/feedback pales in comparison to the experimental articles I try out. Since I picked up the writing gig with Taykobon as well, my writing has been split between anime/manga/light novel reviews, AniTAY collabs, personal writings (short story competitions, research papers etc.), normal/experimental articles for AniTAY and of course Dubs w/ Dil. Since getting back stateside, I received a promotion at my work and have been working anywhere from nine to fourteen hours a day. Simply put, I only get about two hours a night to myself for writing, games, and general “to-do” stuff.

Compared to a lot of my peers on here, I cannot forgo my full eight hours of sleep due to the sensitive nature of what I do, so staying up to get things done is not an option until Friday and Saturdays I don’t work. It doesn’t look like it, but I spend around half an hour a night working on an AniTAY/Taykobon article throughout the week (typically when I’m making dinner or doing laundry) permitting I still have some energy. This doesn’t sound like a big deal to many people I’m sure, but as someone who takes a lot of pride in his writing and improving what I do, it means the world to me. I’m not out watching my read count for articles, but I certainly use the results to gauge where I’m at and what I need to work on. Rest assured, I am still enjoying what I’m doing, but I enjoy and have fun with it so much that I want to be competitive and improve with it.


This really brings me to the glaring issue with my writing distribution: Dubs w/ Dil takes the most time for me to format. I used the banners Rock so graciously made for me as my template and I stuck to the formula for almost my entire rookie year here at AniTAY. It looked so professional and it gave readers an understanding of what to anticipate in my articles, but to plug in hyperlinks, photos, and touch-up was far more challenging than actually writing about actors and their fantastic performances. Maybe I got lost in the noise of front pages, but I felt pressured to replicate the format every time I went and executing a dub from cradle to grave was exhausting. Even if I had seen a show a handful of times, I carefully made notes throughout a dub again and ensured I had the right stuff. My magic number per actor was two paragraphs, with an exception of three if needed, but I could never document my every thought in an article. I know a smaller article sometimes doesn’t do as well, but it does take me a lot longer than it appears to research the topics.

Voice acting is very close to me. I grew up trying to become a professional voice actor and spent a lot of summer days auditioning for Machinima videos with a cheap microphone I scrapped money together for. The websites I prowled were headlined by various voice actors that would go on to be in a lot of current dubs and video games. I know better than to put bias into my consideration for a project, but I feel incredibly uncomfortable covering dubs that involve mentors and acquaintances I previously had in voiceover work on the amateur level. I pulled a Dubs w/ Dil I had completed for this very reason, and I probably never will resume the posting of said dub. Unless I already told you, I request your understanding to not ask who these individuals are and not to ask them who I was (they wouldn’t remember me anyways). Maybe the day will come where I get a chance to do voiceover work, but as of late it isn’t really in the cards for me. I’d rather let things set as is there.


So where does Dubs w/ Dil (and to an extent, AniTAY articles) go from here? I’d like to break the format and highlight individual performances and study how well a dub might actually be executed over saying something about every single actor in a work. This way I can write fresher thoughts on performances and perhaps open discussion. If it costs reads, that’s something outside of my control. I’d rather stay happy doing this and having my dedicated readers appreciate what I do over the formatting snobs thinking that a work is useless without being uninformed. I cannot guarantee I will be able to keep my articles going weekly like they were for a good amount of the past year, but I will do my best to continue to give you all my thoughts and educated opinions on whatever it is I’m writing for. I love AniTAY. I love writing more than anything else in the world. To have been able to meet so many talented writers and befriend great people is nothing short of a blessing to me. If you read, I appreciate your time. If you comment, even if I don’t reply, I appreciate your input. Even if we don’t get along in group chats, I adore all of our writers in the community. I look forward to my second year.

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