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"Active Heroes" 22 Daily Pushups Challenge- 8030 in a Month Edition

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Hello everyone,

I was late to this campaign, but a buddy of mine from active duty let me know about a challenge campaign that many have been doing this year to wear awareness to the social issue of veteran suicide. The U.S. veteran population suffers an average of 22 suicide deaths daily. Many individuals have been documenting 22 pushups a day to raise awareness.


As many of you know, I have committed my professional career to becoming a mental health officer for the military population- personnel serving, veterans, and their families. Therefore, I wanted to charge myself with a challenge to shine as bright of a light as I can to raise awareness.

Through the month of September, I will be completing 8,030 pushups- That represents the average annual veteran suicide deaths in the U.S. I do not have sufficient means to record these, however I am running off of my integrity as both an Airman and an agent of social justice advocacy. I already do 300 pushups every other day, so I will be challenging myself to complete ~286 pushups a day for this month.


If you are or know a veteran who may be in need of assistance with mental health services, please utilize this link.

By completing this as well, I would like to use the opportunity to spread word of amazing groups that enrich the lives of veterans and also support surviving military/veteran families.


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